Monday, May 27, 2013

This Jean Skirt

Is totally out of style...

...and hasn't been worn in 8-9 years!!

So I have been on a mission since November 2012. I dieted throughout the holidays and had a very stressful couple of months after New Years. I slipped up and made mistakes and started fresh the next day. It wasn't easy at first but every day is a little easier. I started doing Zumba a couple times a week and walk at least one or more times a week. I've also taken over push mowing our yard! I am pleased to say the hard work has paid off and I have LOST 50 LBS!!!

Although 50 lbs is a huge accomplishment, I want more. I had a goal weight in mind, which is less than what I weighed in high school. I don't really know if its realistic, but the more weight I lose, the less I worry about that number! I just want to feel good about where I land and I'm not quite there yet :)

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